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Hannes Gernhardt

Hannes Gernhardt is the Sales Manager within CONCON International.

Hannes is a dynamic young professional in management with a high level of knowledge in general management. He is open minded and loves to communicate with the customer.

Timm Stemann

“ Connecting S3D and 4K-UHD content with the broadcast channels, VOD platforms, Home Entertainment companies and CE manufacturers all over the world, this is what we have to overcome in order to cultivate newest technologies”.

As the Managing Director of CONCON International, Timm Stemann is driven to achieve this goal. At CONCON International, he is responsible for the general management, sales, public relations and business development. Being always open minded to the media world and its specific business solutions, he is dedicated to the cultivation of 4K-UHD and 3D in the world wide media business.

In 2013, Timm Stemann started CONCON International facing the problems of the development of Stereo 3D. Before he often faced the concerns of production companies about 3D business models at his former employer STEREOTEC (one of the most renowned rig manufacturer and stereoscopic on set service provider world wide). At STEREOTEC, he was responsible for the sales and development of 3D solutions, certification of Rig technician and managing rig development projects and live action shoots.

“Knowing the problems of 4K-UHD and 3D producers and their concerns about the media business is our big advantage. We do not only talk, we do understand our business partners and give them the advice and service, they were exactly looking for.”, states Timm Stemann. During his 6 years of study at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, he quickly realized that he had to specialize onto economy, law and media production beside the major of media technology. Timm Stemann now owns an intense background of technical know-how, business economics and social skills which he is always willing to put into balance for CONCON International and its partners.