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Forest of Dreams 3D 4K (Doc.)
Forest of Dreams 3D 4K (Doc.)
Short Description:
In Southern Japan lies a small island that has been a source of dreams to the people of Japan for countless generations, including Academy Award winner Hayao Miyazaki—the landscape directly inspired the setting for his highly acclaimed film, Princess Mononoke. Forest of Dreams 3D: Yakushima examines the island’s rich history and uncertain future. With mountain peaks that soar almost 2,000 meters from the ocean, the island is an enchanting world populated with beautiful 3,000 year-old trees, twisted and shaped by nature over the millennia. Its mystical, mossy vistas, and primeval forests—now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site—is home to a rich flora of some 1,900 species and subspecies. Now its ancient forests are being threatened by air pollution riding the winds from beyond its shores. Come explore the magical forest, unique wildlife, and colorful history of Yakushima in breathtaking 3D. Release Q4 2014
Director:Peter H. Chang
Producer:Peter H. Chang
Stereographer:Peter H. Chang
Running time: min
Language:English, other on request
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: 4K (2D & 3D)
Frame Rate:
Format available:

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