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A Love in Verona 4K
A Love in Verona 4K
Short Description:
Marc Minetti, Junior Hotelier, actually has everything in life to be happy. But suddenly his carefree world begins to totter. To uncover the cheating of his italian Hotel Manager in Verona, he works undercover as a waiter in his own Hotel and gets to know Mimi – without beeing aware that she is working as a prostitute. A big love emerges based on lies and nearly leads to collapse when truth is to be revealed...
Director:Michael Kreindl
DoP:Stefan Spreer
Producer:Thomas Hroch, Richard Thes
Actors:Jan Josef Liefers, Dietmar Bär, Igor Jeftic, Floriane Daniel, Tonio Arango, Liane Forestieri, Sabine Vitua, Jan-Gregor Kremp,
Running time: 93 min
Language:German, other on request
Camera:16mm Film
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: 4K
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Format available:16:9

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