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Kriol Jazz Festival Praia - Cabo Verde
Kriol Jazz Festival Praia - Cabo Verde
Short Description:
„The spirit of this festival goes beyond the music“. The Kriol Jazz Festival - Praia is an annual 3 days long festival that takes place in April on the island of Santiago, the largest island of the archipelago of Cape Verde, 500 km off the coast of Senegal . Historians consider that the first Creole language was born in this former Portugese colony Santiago. From the international musicians and artists invited to the festival, to the local and international public, all have one common goal, share their experience, expertise and approach on Creole-inspired music from all the islands, whether in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Cape Verde, or Africa, the cradle of Creole.
Director:Jessy Schuster
Running time: 26 min
Language:French, English, Portugese, Creole
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: HD (2D & 3D)
Frame Rate:
Format available:16:9

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Kriol Jazz Festival Praia - Cabo Verde
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