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Reexister - Adventure on St.James Way to Santiago de Compostela
Reexister - Adventure on St.James Way to Santiago de Compostela
Short Description:
Pascal, a craftsman in his forties, has to work daily very hard to make ends meet. But he has on desire: He wants to take ones in his life the Way of St. James. After 10 days walking, he found the opportunity to follow his own roots in the Department Aveyron: The cole basin in Decazeville. This place is avoided by the most pilgrims, but the path also serves the development of awareness… And this is the story of “The Black Country
Running time: 82 min
Language:French, other on request
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: HD (2D & 3D)
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Format available:

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