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Power of Color 4K
Power of Color 4K
Short Description:
Actually, the People have ever used colors to paint their bodies – in times of wars, for certain rituals or to celebrate religious ceremonies. People already used the power of colors in prehistoric times to accent their personality. Bodypainting has currently already established since longtime, no matter if a woman daily uses make up – this is actually already a certain form of bodypainting. Bodypainting is today a form of art, which become more and more popular. The rapidly growing community has a yearly highlight – the Bodypainting world championship in Austria with participants from over 40 countries. Explore the fascinating world of bodypainting, observe the artist’s work with the models, accompany the photographers in the hunt of the best pictures in the shooting area und experience the astonishing shows and the final UV show, where the colors of the models are only visible under fluorescent light. This documentation with tremendous colors and impressive pictures fascinate just everybody
Producer:Richard Thes
Running time: 41 min
Language:German / Non verbal
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: 3840x2160
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Format available:4k-UHD

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