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Behind the Lense 4K
Behind the Lense 4K
Short Description:
Everybody knows the TV shows, soap, documentaries and big movies. They are our daily companion. Everybody knows, how this kind of movies are produced. Actors, directors, movie sets are necessary for these productions. But almost nobody talks about the person, who controls the most important part of the production – the camera. We would like to know more and traveled to Vienna to the set of “Madame Nobel”. The cameraman on the set is Thomas Kiennast. He already cause a sensation with „Fack ju Göhte“ and “The Dark Valley”, for which he won an Austrian movie award in 2013. We follow Thomas Kiennast on the set and have deep view into the job of a cameraman on the set.
Director:Richard Thes
Producer:Richard Thes
Running time: 22 min
Language:German, other languages on request
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: 3840x2160
Frame Rate:
Format available:4K-UHD

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