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The Weekend
The Weekend
Short Description:
£100,000. One Weekend. One Huge Adventure… The Weekend is a brand new, hilarious and outrageous comedy for all the family, which follows school friends Derrick (Jovian Wade), Tyler (Dee Kaate) and Malcolm (Percelle Ascott) as they embark on a weekend of serious misadventure. In an incredible twist of fate, the hapless boys come across a huge sum of money that, unbeknown to them, belongs to a notorious villain. Delighted with their good fortune, they spend The Weekend like never before - in a whirling blaze of flash cars, casinos, champagne and luxury – as they make their entrance into the real world with a bang! But the bad guys soon catch up with the trio and they’re given 24 hours to return all the cash or risk the wrath of the gangsters. The terrified boys come up with a series of side-splitting plots to make the money back, but will they manage to repay their debt in time, or are they in too deep?
Director:Sheridan De Myers
Producer:Sheridan De Myers
Actors:Jovian Wade, Percelle Ascott, Dee Kate
Running time: 94 min
Keywords:Comedy, Friendship, great Fun
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: HD
Frame Rate:
Format available:HD

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