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Moonshine Kingdome
Moonshine Kingdome
Short Description:
Based on true events, Moonshine Kingdom tells the story of an Amish man who willingly leaves the Amish community. Struggling to survive, he enlists in the armed services as a war medic. The film begins upon his arrival back home after serving his country, only to find he is rejected by the Amish community. The film quickly unravels when he is introduced by an old friend to the underground world of shining and the violent, racially charged feuds it engenders in the Amish foothills. This high energy Dark Action Comedy is about group of four moonshiners from southern Ohio who are given an opportunity they can not refuse. They are asked to do the unspeakable crime of teaching an outsider, how to make the familys special moonshine recipe, and to make matters worse it turns out that the students are a group of thugs from the city, who have probably never been to the country before. Needless to say things do not end up going as planned for either side, and the result is a chaos ridden adventure that will leave you guessing all the way to the end.
Director:Milton M. Horowitz
DoP:Ryan Forte
Producer:Ryan Forte, Milton M. Horowitz
Actors:Andrew Schaefer, Jack Matuszewski, Tyler Moliterno, Jack Hunt, Alex Russo, Sarah Moore, Jimmie Lee Williams
Running time: 92 min
Keywords:high energy Dark Action Comedy
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: 4K
Frame Rate:
Format available:Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

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