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Explore Travel: Moscow Russia
Explore Travel: Moscow Russia
Short Description:
Explore3D Travel recently flew to Moscow and trained its 3D cameras on sights old and new in the Russian capital. Among the monuments from the Communist era are Stalin`s Seven Sisters, the neo-classical skyscrapers built in the 1950s and situated throughout the city. They offer superb contrast with the multi-colored, onion-shaped domes of St. Basil`s cathedral built by an earlier Russian leader, Ivan the Terrible, in the 16th century. Our 3D tour completes its trip with a journey on the Moscow River, a view of the Spassky Tower Festival of military bands on Red Square, a sampling of Moscow nightlife, and the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Borodino, Napoleon`s costly battlefield victory that made his strategic defeat inevitable. Shown on e.g. CCTV China, Vonetize Israel, Skylife Korea, 3D Crave USA, MTVA Hungary
Director:Al Caudullo
DoP:Al Caudullo
Producer:Al Caudullo
Stereographer:Al Caudullo
Actors:not applicable
Running time: 26 min
Language:English, other on request
2D conversion:
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: HD (2D & 3D)
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Format available:L+R separate, Side by Side

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