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Caribbean Butterfly
Caribbean Butterfly
Short Description:
Travel magazine presenting the touristic activities in the Islands of Guadeloupe. The documentary shows the most diverse landscape including the blue ocean, natural fields, overwhelming aerials and exciting boat tours. Start dreaming about the distant paradise and enjoy Caribbean Butterfly in true stereoscopic 3D.
Director:Jessy SCHUSTER
Producer:Jeff FIDELIN
Stereographer:Jeff FIDELIN
Actors:Julien Babel, Romuald Mamadou, Kelya et Alyssa Fidelin, Jessy Schuster, Michel Gaillard, Laurence, Erick et Eliott Barret, Stephanie Silvestre, Rosy Bambuck-Pistol, Thierry Babel, Benoit Onezime, Alex Brute, Sundy, Gregory et Crissy Davillars, Tatoum Puppo, Alizee et Eulaly Foix
Running time: 16 min
Language:English, French, other on request
2D conversion: 0%
Parallaxes neg., pos.
Resolution: HD (2D & 3D)
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Format available:L+R separate, Side by Side

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