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CONCON International believes that you as a Producer should be able to focus on the production process of your project, not on the worldwide non-transparent politics of content licensing and distribution.

CONCON International offers you the unique service you were looking for. No annual or lifetime contracts constrain your artistic freedom. CONCON International connects your content to worldwide 4K-UHD, 3D and HD channels, VoD platforms, IP channels, interactive medias and CE manufacturers. Considering your wishes and beliefs of distribution, CONCON International sells and distributes your content to its existing and constantly growing global network. Exceptions, specific business models and desired agreements will be taken care of.

Quality check
All uploaded content gets verified and rated in terms of image quality. All our partners can consult the rating to decide on the content. We also send out rate cards to the content provider and give feedback to the filmmakers.
For you as content producers, CONCON International is the valuable source to multiply your sales worldwide. Our validation tools will check the quality of your content and give you the feedback to set up a business model in accordance to your needs. Basically, our service is completely for free. There are no charges in advance to connect your content worldwide. Each time you make money, we ask you for the valuation of our services.

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